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Commitment to Excellence. Educate. Lead by Example. Results Driven. Kaizen- constant improvement

Our Mission.

Enhance youth athletic performance through risk factor elimination.

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Why Athletes Choice?

Simply put, the proof is in the results and the successes of all of our athletes/clients.

Athletes Choice is a cutting edge sports performance facility where function comes first. We pride ourselves on our ability to eliminate as many risk factors for injury as possible in order to keep our athletes healthy and performing at the apex of their abilities.  This is accomplished through the use of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). By ensuring our athletes are able to perform proper functional movement patterns we can not only decrease their likelihood of injury, but also increase their ability to perform as well.

Athletes Choice has recently partnered with AMP Sports Med which is our in house chiropractic and recovery center. The AMP team provides soft tissue work using percussion therapy and various other modalities as well as recovery techniques using lasers, compression, etc.

These treatments enable our athletes to be preventive in overuse injuries as well as speeding up their recovery so they are able to get back to performing at their peak.

The bottom line is we care for each and every person that walks through our door. Whether you are an elite or novice level athlete, or someone just looking to get in shape, we strive to make you feel special and know that you are in good hands. Our goal is to over deliver on our clients’ expectations every time they visit our facility through our expertise and experience.

Our Success

We have had the pleasure to train and coach NCAA athletes from across the country.